Free meditation on wednesday: from Mindfulness to Heartfulness

Due to the excess of information, the pressure and the fast pace of our society, we have lost contact with our natural silence point. Our inner engine has gone out of control and even if we can take time to rest, we find it only by seeking new impulses and distractions.


The power of simplicity

Meditation, the practice of mindfulness, is a simple art that helps us reconnect with the natural silence point we all have within us, allowing us to be content and quietly alone with ourselves again.


It is learning to listen to ourselves and resonate deeply with who we really are, free from all expectations and norms that are forced upon us. This simplicity of simply being in touch with ourselves has a deep restorative power. As we develop staying in this silence point more and more, it gives us the strength to keep it despite all the change, busyness and complications of life.

You can join this weekly training if you are a more advanced meditation practitioner and you like to have a routine of a weekly inspired meditation, but also if you are completely new to meditation. 


If you are interested or want to know more please let us know and we will send you further info and the Zoom link. Mail us at:

In short:

  • when: every wednesday morning from 9-10 am
  • language: English/Dutch (depending on the participants)
  • where: online through Zoom
  • contribution: for free
  • sign up:

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