Watering the Seeds of Happiness

Meditation is not only trying to find some calm, it's a process of getting to know your heart and mind and reconnecting with who you really are and the qualities contained therein. These qualities of fundamental goodness, unconditional love and compassion are inherent in us, but sometimes we have lost touch with them. 


When we meditate we not only discover and uncover the peaceful Being Mode in ourselves but we also discover what hinders us; like judgments and conflicting emotions, feelings of anxiety, anger, insecurity, etc.

In this training we will share with you a wealth of heart advises on how to turn your mind and heart towards wisdom (insight and intuition), love and self-compassion. You can join this training if you already have a little bit of experience with meditation.

This new training is in English and is a weekly ongoing training on Monday evening from 19.30-20.45.


It is on the basis of donation. That means that you can give a monthly contribution according to your choice: a reference to rely on, if you need one, is €40 a month.
You can pay more or less, whatever suits your financial situation.


If you are interested or want to know more please let us know and we will send you further info and the Zoom link. Mail us at: info@berealmeditatie.nl.

In short:

  • when: every monday evening from 19.30-20.45
  • language: English
  • where: online through Zoom
  • contribution: on donation
  • sign up: info@berealmeditatie.nl

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